EUROCAE Portal Registration

In order to minimize the number of accounts our members need to use and remember we will try to re-use one of your existing accounts, if any.
Whatever you choose in the next steps, the Eurocae communication will always be done using your work email address

In other words we will use different types of accounts for your login (email address and password), but all communication will be sent to your work email address.

Work account Personal account
This account (email address and password) has been provided by your IT-Department. This is typically known as an Office 365 account. In order to know if you can use your daily account you can ask your IT-Department or try it yourself by trying to login to:

If you have an Office 365 account, you are all set and you just have to choose ‘Work account'.
This account is created by you (this can still be your work email address). You have a few options:
  • Use an existing Microsoft account (,, You’ll typically use this for Skype, Windows, Onedrive
  • Create a clean new Microsoft email account.
  • Create an account from an existing email address
To create a brand new account or link your current email address please use this link:

You’re all set and you just need to choose ‘Personal Account’ (even if you used a work email address)

Please have one of the above accounts ready, then continue your EUROCAE registration by clicking the button below
Register account »

Getting Started

1. Fill out details

Fill out the required details. Use your business e-mail address. here.

Fill in details

2. Verify and get approved

Verify your business e-mail via the received link. Afterwards await approval from your organisations representative.


3. Log in with a Microsoft account

Use your business email if you’re an Office 365 user, else create a Microsoft account that matches your business e-mail using the guide